Green Thumb Resolutions for 2013

Wow! Another year has spun by and we are heading into 2013. The older I get, the faster the planet seems to spin. Anyone else feel that way? It is always important to take a look into the future this time of year and make some more resolutions (which we can look back on next year and wonder why we did not do any them).

In 2013, I (or we) resolve:

- To always remember that gardening is supposed to be fun. When it becomes a chore, I will figure out why and make a change in the way I do things. I will slow down this year and take it easy in my garden for once. I spend too much time working in it and not enough time just enjoying it. Continue reading

Backyard Composting Basics

Whenever I teach a class on backyard composting, I always started out by saying, “All you have to do is throw your yard waste into a pile back in the corner of your lot and it will compost.  Nature will eventually take care of it for you. Any questions?”. The students usually look at each other and wonder what the heck that means.

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