Why doesn’t my hydrangea bloom?

PGC-S-Hydrangea-arborescens-Invincibelle-Spirit-_1Hydrangeas are beautiful plants for the home landscape. They come in a wide range of types from flowering shrubs to tree types to large sized vines. Although they are perfectly hardy to many northern climate zones, there are times when they do not bloom. New plants often come from the nursery crammed full of blooms. Then, the following spring or summer…nothing. What is the problem?

Well,  the first thing to determine is the type of hydrangea being considered. Different hydrangeas have different flowering cycles and requirements. So, you need to know your plant.

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Vines are Fine

Black Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia alata)

Vines are great additions to the home landscape. The majority of the ones we commonly use fall into the category of woody perennials. They form woody stems and persist from year to year. A handful of vines such as black eyed Susan vine (Thunbergia alata) or hyacinth bean vine (Dolicus loblob) are annuals and give a good display in a single season of growth.

I love the way vines can raise the level of the garden up into the air. By growing up a trellis or fence, they stand above the typical perennials and some of the smaller shrubs. This helps to expand the area in which we can display beautiful flowers and foliage. They can fill that space between the top of the taller perennials and the lowest branches of the trees. Vines can also soften the visual impact of brick on a building.

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